kalkylera mera count calculate
kalkylera mera count calculate

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Status Date Calculation Name Comment
2016-11-12 What is the real cost of your car Interest cost did not go through validation A bug that caused the calculation to fail all the time because of a validation error on interest costs.
2016-09-04 Split payment (of a bill) according to income Split sums not does not add up
2016-08-12 Calculate waist to hip ratio (WHR) Showing completely wrong results
2016-08-12 Converter Yards inverted
2013-04-22 Calculate when you will become a millionaire Not considering inflation
2013-04-22 Calculate compound interest Not considering inflation
2011-09-29 Count the occurence of a specific word or character in a text If a word is directly followed by a special character it will not be counted. Common characters like !?/ etc are ignored.
2011-08-17 Estimate your body fat Very unlikely fat percentages (over 100% even)