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Personal data policy for CountCalculate.com and the General Data Protection Regulation Policy for external visitors and partners.

1. General

CountCalculate.com is operated by Wall Cloud Productions AB, hereinafter referred to as "we / us" or "The Site". This policy describes how we process personal data. For us, it is important to be as transparent as possible about how we process your information and we take every action we can to protect it.

Our starting point for personal data management is to save and process as little as possible. We actively try to ensure that as little personal information as possible is logged, stored and stored as the information is not relevant or essential to the site's function.

2. Privacy Management

Wall Cloud Productions AB
Email: christoffer@wallcloud.se
‍Website: www.wallcloud.se

3. When do we process your personal information?

When you visit CountCalculate.com, certain information is collected via cookies and in log files (you can read more under the section Cookie policy in this document) but never information such as name, telephone number or e-mail address. If you create a calculation, in most cases, input values ​​are saved from the calculation in the database (see section below). If you send an email to kalkyleramera.se or wallcloud.se, your email address and any information you write about will be saved.

4. What personal information do we process and why?

On the Site, we handle personal data and what can be considered personal data points when you visit the Site:

  • IP numbers (when you visit our sites) in logs and cookies. Read more under the section on cookies.
  • Technical data related to your browser and operating system, etc. in order to understand user behavior.
  • Geo-positioning to create personalized ads for the region you live in, but not the exact location.

When you visit or enter your email address (either to log in, to sign up for a newsletter, or otherwise) on our website, we may share personal data or other information that we collect from you, such as your email (in hashed, pseudonymous form), IP address, and/or information about your browser or operating system with ID5 and its group companies, acting as controllers. ID5 uses this information to create an ID for the purpose of recognising you on your devices. This ID does not contain any of your identifiable personal data. We may place this ID in our first-party cookie or use an ID5 cookie and allow it to be used for online and cross-channel advertising. This ID may be shared by us or on our behalf with our advertising partners and other third-party advertising companies globally for the purpose of enabling interest-based content and/or targeted advertising throughout your online experience (e.g. web, email, connected devices, in-app, etc). Detailed information on ID5's data processing activities in connection with this ID and ID5’s opt-out is available in ID5’s platform privacy policy here: https://id5.io/platform-privacy-policy. You have the right to withdraw your consent or opt-out to the processing of your personal data at any time


5. Information saved from the calculations

The calculations on the Site have input values ​​that you specify yourself. The values ​​entered in the fields in the calculations are stored in the database for a maximum of one year only in order to be able to share a calculation with the values ​​you yourself entered in the calculation - unless the calculation is specifically stated as "Protected" . The values ​​stored in the database are anonymized and cannot be traced to a person, place, IP address or the like.

Note that potentially sensitive values, from non "Protected" calculations, such as date of birth, monthly income (and similar personal financial data) are saved, like all other input values, in order to be shared by you, if you choose to do so. This information is therefore not personally linked to you, your IP number or the like. This information is NOT available to others unless you choose to share the information (via the special sharing url) with others. The information is NOT used by us and is also not available to ad providers.

The values ​​specified in the calculations, or the results thereof, are NOT stored in cookies locally on your computer.

Specifically note that the calculation for calculating the last digit of the social security number does NOT save any specified values ​​or results - under any circumstances! The personal number, or parts thereof, are also not stored in any logs. The values ​​only exist as parameters to perform the calculation and then disappear.

6. Protected calculations - with extra strong privacy protection

Some calculations (called "Protected" calculations), with extra strong privacy protection, never save any values ​​in the database (and your specific results cannot then be shared). These calculations are clearly marked as "Protected" in the text of the calculation.

Measures have also been taken to ensure that values ​​from protected calculations are not stored locally in your browser's cache either (such as autocomplete fields), but it is not possible to guarantee that the information does not remain locally on your computer - depending on your computer or browser's configuration. This means that it might be possible for someone else using your computer, phone or similar to see the values ​​you entered.

7. Information that is shared when you actively share the result of your calculation with the share url

For calculations on the Site that are not marked as "Protected", you can share your results, including the values ​​you entered, with others on eg social media. This is done only with the specific sharing url (which is the calculation url with "? R =" and a random unique identification code) and the social media buttons sharing the same. This sharing url is available just after you have created a particular calculation and it is your choice whether you want to share it or not. The site will never publish these sharing URLs! Thus, information you enter in the fields when you make a calculation becomes ONLY available to others if you choose to share the unique result url: a specific one for your calculation.

If you choose to publish and share the values ​​and results from your calculation, they can, with access to the url, see the values ​​from the fields you entered and the result of the spread. No information that can be derived from you as a person, or what kind of computer you used is visible to those who see the calculation from your sharing url. For example, IP numbers or the like are NOT shared in connection with the values ​​you entered in the calculation. However, in free-text calculations, information you provide yourself, which is personal, may become available if you share that calculation result.

As mentioned before, there are calculations where you can enter your name, monthly income, age, date of birth, etc. that are possible to share with the division where you also share this information if you choose to share your results and their entry values. It's up to you if you want to share this information. Also note that what you share with someone can be shared and potentially seen by others than you thought.

It is recommended that you close tabs and windows with created calculations when you have finished using the Site.

8. Cookie policy

When you visit the Site, certain information is collected using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser. For example, a cookie may contain text, number or a date. It is not a program and it cannot contain viruses.

A cookie's lifetime may vary depending on the individual suppliers. Some cookies disappear as soon as you close the browser window, others may exist for several years. Here you can read more about cookies, and how to clear them: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/se/

You can disable cookies in your browser if you do not want cookies to be used at all. You also have the option to control how your cookies are used on the Site by clicking on the "Privacy" button (which opens automatically the first time you visit the Site).

By using cookies on the Site, we can create a more user-friendly website. It makes it easier for you as a visitor as the website shows the most relevant information for you and it also makes it easier for us as we can collect statistics and constantly improve the Site. Examples of why the Site uses cookies are:

  • To improve how visitors can navigate and move around the website.
  • To be able to improve the Site based on how visitors use the website.
  • To be able to identify target groups and through this target advertising to these groups.
  • To avoid advertising that is not relevant to a particular visitor.
  • To be able to collect statistics about how many people use the website and see traffic over specific time periods.
  • We mainly use cookies to personalize advertisements through partners, but also for the function to save the number of rounding figures on the Site. The information is also used to gain more knowledge about users of the site, for the purpose of analyzing statistics. This information is then de-personalized and the analysis is done in a summarized form to understand how users generally behave on the Site.

    Third-party business ads (including Google) appear on our site when you visit it. These companies may use information (with the exception of name, address, email address and telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites to serve ads about goods and services that you may be interested in. For more information on this and how to prevent this information from being used by these companies, see here .

    Click on the "Privacy" button to see a current list of cookies on the Site. If you want to change these settings, you can set your selections using the same button or here . You can also, through your browser, choose to delete some or all cookies in your browser.

    9. Who do we share your personal information with?

    Personally identifiable information (such as IP number) can be shared with subcontractors for operational purposes, such as to prevent spam.

    10. Personal data processing in and outside the EEA

    Some of our advertisers are located outside the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area) and will thus be able to access and process your personal data from there. In such a transfer, our advertising provider has Leeads, which requires the supplier to be included on the US Department of Commerce's Privacy Shield list, which means that they are considered to meet an adequate level of protection.

    11. Your rights

    You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data you have provided to us and have it sent to another party. If you believe that the information we have about you is misleading, inaccurate or need to be deleted contact us via the information below. We will remedy the shortcomings without delay.

    12. Opposition to direct marketing

    You have the right to obtain an extract of what information we have stored about you. Contact us via the information below. You may be asked to identify you so that we can handle your wish list extract with the personal information you have provided to us and have it sent to another party. If you believe that the information we have about you is misleading, inaccurate or need to be deleted contact us via the information below. We will remedy the shortcomings without delay.

    13. Withdrawal of consent

    You can withdraw your given consent at any time. Contact us via the information below. You may be asked to identify you so that we can handle your requests.

    14. Safety procedures

    We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information from accidental loss, destruction, misuse, damage and unauthorized or illegal access. All suppliers and our own systems comply with the GDPR regulations regarding safety. However, we cannot guarantee 100% security for data transmissions over the Internet. This means that there may be a risk that unauthorized persons will have access to information when data is sent and stored electronically. Thus, you disclose your personal information at your sole discretion.

    We regularly check the calculations to work as well as possible, but we can never guarantee that the results are 100% correct. Therefore, use the result with caution and never as the sole basis for important purchases or decisions. We do not take any responsibility for any damages (financial, bodily etc) arising from decisions taken based on the information on this site.

    15. In case of incidents

    In case of incidents that may threaten the protection of your personal data, appropriate measures are taken, such as informing you and the appropriate authorities about the incident.

    16. Changes to our policy

    The rapid development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal data may be necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and change this privacy policy. In case of significant changes, we will notify you in the form of a visible message on our websites.

    17. Contact

    Contact persons and persons responsible for personal data at Wall Cloud Productions AB are Christoffer Björkwall by e-mail: christoffer@wallcloud.se