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kalkylera mera count calculate

Cookies & terms of use

This text describes what CountCalculate saves in terms of cookies, what you can expect in terms of quality on the calculations and what kind of responsibility you, as a user of the website, are expected to take while using the information and calculations on CountCalculate.com.

What information is saved on the website?

At CountCalculate.com we do not save any information directly related to a person. We do not save IP-numbers or other information that can be linked to your person.

The only information being saved is parts of your result, and then only temporarily under 'recent calculations' on the top right of the website. This information is overwritten when a new calculation has been performed and is not able to retrieve any more. In the tests and calculations where a name is provided only the first name of the person is publicly displayed.

Please do remember, however, that your web browser may keep information you provide in forms that can make other users of your computer be able to see what you have typed in.


This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file that is being stored in your computer. Ads from a third part company (Google) is shown at this website during your visit. Google could use information (with the exception of name, address, email and phone number) about your visit to this and other websites. This is used to show ads regarding products and services that you might be interested in. If you want more information about this, please visit NAI.

Terms of use etc.

CountCalculate.com controls the calculations on the website on a regular basis to make sure they are providing correct answers. We can, however, never guarantee that the calculations are completely bug free and that the result will be 100% correct. Thus, use the results and information on this website with care and never as the only source of information for purchases or decisions (especially regarding your health). CountCalculate.com does not take responsebility for any damages (financial, health related etc) that is the result of the results or information provided on the website.